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CosmoDB is a general-purpose Database system. This provides data integration and sharing capabilities function for managing various kinds of archive files, such as experimental data and model program.

You can make data items at will

You can make data items by using admin function. In this function you can choose the most sutable data type from radio/checkbox/select/text/textarea.

Both List and thumbnail view are available

All registered data are displayed on the list and thumbnail view. You can design these at will by using admin function.

List view
Thumbnail view
Detail view

Various search functions

Keyword, comment and file search are available. You can make keywords by using admin function.

Keyword search
Comment search

XOOPS module

CosmoDB has developed as XOOPS module so you can make original database by using other XOOPS modules and themes.

If you want to have more information about XOOPS, visit Cube Official Website.

Special mentions

System Requirements

XOOPS environment (PHP4 or PHP5, MySQL)


General Public License (GPL)


Documents updated

v1.2 released



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